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Where in the world are you?

Hello Gorgeous

Where in the world are you?


“This mask is a lifesaver. I had to let out the strap some, because it was too tight. I take it when I travel. I use it at home. I give them away as gifts.”

“Super soft, feels great on the eyes!”

“The silk is so soft, and good for your face and hair. You can sleep until 11am with this thing on.”

“The packaging is so cute too! I will definitely be giving these as gifts.”

“This mask makes such a difference when falling asleep, blocks out all the light and saves your eyes from wrinkles!”
“The best sleep mask ever. Silk is lovely, construction is lightly substantial with a super comfortable fit. I am a sleep mask addict. This is the best by far. Also, the packaging is exquisite. Perfect for a gift.”
“This sleep mask is great. It's thick enough, very soft, and doesn't leave marks on my face. Highly recommended.”
“This is by far the best sleep mask I've had. This mask is so soft, and comfortable. When I snuggle into bed at night I actually look forward to putting it on. It's well made, unscented (have sensitive skin) and covers gently (but stays on) to block out any light.”

“I already own a Slip pillow case so when I saw this I knew I had to get one, it's amazing. It's so soft and it is so comfortable, it's perfect!”

As seen on Nordstrom Online
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