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Where in the world are you?

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Where in the world are you?

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The 10 Beauty Products Byrdie Editors Never Fly Without:

Show me someone who actually enjoys flying and you'll have shown me a unicorn. But while we might not be able to control airport conditions or a less-than-cosy plane situation, we can control the fate of our skin (to some extent). And because we fly so often as beauty editors, we've found just the right hydrating skincare carry-on essentials (in addition to chugging bottles of water, of course) so we can step off the jet bridge glowing and ready to take on our new destinations. 

"I've become a pro at sleeping on planes, but it's a lot tougher to do so when your seatmate's book light is burning a hole in your eyelids at 2 a.m. I only use Slip's Silk Eye Mask—it's so comfortable and doesn't mess with my hair. That paired with a very quiet Spotify playlist always puts me to sleep in minutes."
Read the full article here www.byrdie.com.au/in-flight-skincare
Safe travels, Byrdie Beauty!
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43% less friction*

In laboratory testing slipsilk™ was shown to absorb significantly less face cream and create 43% less friction, on average, versus cotton pillowcases.*

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