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Where in the world are you?

Hello Gorgeous

Where in the world are you?

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As seen on Byrdie Beauty:

Jaime King Spilled Her Last Beauty Haul With Us – And It’s Good

"It's called Slip. It’s amazing.” - Jaimie King

"That day I bought silk pillowcases—which I found out about from [Violet Grey founder] Cassandra Grey," King began, recounting how Grey has sent a beautiful silk eye mask. "It's called Slip. It’s amazing.” She bought two of the Slip pillowcases, and then she bought two more later on that day, saying how it’s a game changer when you get your hair done." - As seen on Byrdie Beauty 

Thanks for the LOVE Byrdie & Jaimie! xoxo

See Full Article: http://www.byrdie.com.au/jaime-king-beauty-products

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